Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Jason Porter

ISA Certified Arborist | Certified Tree Care Safety Professional | Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Jason began doing tree work in his high school years, before joining the Marine Corps. After serving for 6 years, he returned to the trade, studied business, and founded Treeworks, Inc. After much work and many mistakes, Jason found the door had opened to a whole new level of potential for serving the community. The experience of owning and operating Treeworks, Inc. has developed his confidence in the crew and given him the freedom to think strategically and direct all efforts towards the highest level of customer satisfaction. The greatest reward is seeing the team’s synergy in action, as all crew members constantly rely on and challenge one another to be the best at their trade. Working daily with his brothers Luke and Zach has also been a unique blessing. His favorite activities include time spent with his beloved wife Valerie and five children, running, and shooting. If he were to be a tree, Jason would choose sycamore, because they are solid and able to stand fast against any storm.

Luke Porter

ISA Certified Utility Arborist | Certified Tree Care Safety Professional

As an ISA Certified Utility Arborist and co-owner of Treeworks, Inc., Luke has worked in arboriculture for 25 years. He and his brothers Jason and Zach grew up doing tree work for their father, and eventually helped forge the Treeworks, Inc. of today. Since the birth of the company, Luke has grown in his dedication to high standards and in his appreciation of the team that makes those goals possible. He firmly believes the company’s greatest asset is the team itself, because of each crew member’s initiative and skill. In his own words, “The crew’s motivation is never monetary—it’s about customer satisfaction.” Aside from the guys he gets to work with, Luke is most proud of his wife Becky and their kids, and loves spending time with them in the outdoors. A few of his many rugged pastimes include archery, backpacking, and hunting. If he could sprout leaves and become a tree, Luke would opt for a hemlock, because they grow in remote, pristine environments and keep their foliage year-round.

Zach Porter

Senior Crew Leader

Having spent nearly the past two decades in tree service, Zach knows this trade. He also knows that it takes a special kind of team to accomplish the difficult tasks Treeworks, Inc. has tackled over the years for diverse companies. As one of the crew’s senior members, he believes that the loyalty of the team, forged by close and intense work together, is what has enabled Treeworks, Inc. to serve the community for so long. His favorite part of his job is watching the crew grow and learn from one another, always striving for the highest standards. Outside work, Zach and his wife run a greenhouse where they sell vegetables and flowers. He feels that the time he spends growing plants makes up for the time he spends cutting them down at work. If he could be a tree, Zach imagines he would be a sugar maple, since his pastimes include boiling maple syrup, and sugar maples are the easiest trees to clean up after cutting them down.

Randy Baatenburg

ISA Certified Utility Arborist

A twenty year veteran in tree service and an ISA Certified Utility Arborist, Randy has been with Treeworks, Inc. since the company’s beginning. Although he doesn’t flaunt his vast knowledge, Randy serves as the team’s human encyclopedia, able to answer almost any question on any subject. Among other skills, he makes a mean burrito and can beat just about anyone at chess. Having mentored a number of the younger staff, Randy is extremely proud of the team at Treeworks, Inc. and the superior end product of their work. If given the opportunity to be a tree, Randy fancies he would be an ash, because “sometimes you really like them, and sometimes you really don’t.”

Zach Jonio

ISA Certified Arborist

Zach has been in tree service ever since he was a young sapling himself. He began by working for his father’s company at age 16, and joined the Treeworks, Inc. team three years ago. Zach enjoys the challenge of the larger jobs Treeworks, Inc. tackles, and has grown in his ability to manage more intense tasks with greater precision. As a man of both rugged and domestic skills, Zach takes pride in his four-wheeler and his vegetable garden. One of his most worthy accomplishments is his license as an ISA Certified Arborist, consistent with his passion for tree health. As a tree, Zach identifies with the white oak because, along with their size and strength, they are known to grow gradually and steadily.

Darnell Neuberger

Senior Aerial Operator

As the company’s most seasoned climber, Darnell enjoys heights and the broad range of tasks the team tackles. Since beginning his career seven years ago, he has grown in his confidence around potentially dangerous situations and takes special pride in seeing difficult tasks through to completion. A true outdoorsman, Darnell likes to take his dirt bike for a ride in his spare time. He is also quite proud of his grandmother who is a professional German yodeler on the other side of the Atlantic. Darnell wishes it to be known that if he could be any kind of tree, he would be a redwood because they are impossible to cut down.

Kurt Heft

Equipment Operator

Kurt first entered tree service out of a desire to challenge himself with the high caliber of work the field requires. Four years later, his experience with Treeworks, Inc. has forged a spirit of determination and an eye for detail in each job. Kurt strongly believes in the team’s attention to the specifics and the precision of their work from the simplest tasks to the most intricate. As a hobby, he enjoys astronomy and breaking out his telescope on clear nights. But most importantly, if Kurt could be a tree he would choose sassafras because they smell nice when cut down.

George Luke

Climber Specialist

George started in tree service for precisely the job he gets to do now—climbing trees. After seeing a video of someone heroically ascending a tree, George bought his own equipment and taught himself the basics. As a newer member of the Treeworks, Inc. team, he has grown in countless ways from the wisdom of more seasoned members. In an industry where many companies cut corners, George is particularly proud of the integrity and thoroughness with which the team executes each job, “even when the customer’s not there.” When he’s not swinging from trees, George can be found exploring historical sites with his trusty metal detector, discovering unique artifacts. As a man who always speaks from the heart, he adds that if he could be a tree, he would be a cedar because they are beautiful both inside and out.

Becky Porter

Chief Administrator

Having grown up on a fruit farm, Becky has had a lifelong passion for plants and gardening. She went on to develop this interest at Michigan State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture with a minor in landscape design. She has designed and installed landscapes for both residential and commercial clients for 15 years. While landscape design has lately taken a back seat to raising a family, Becky continues to keep the financial and administrative cogs and wheels of Treeworks, Inc. running in the office. She is most impressed by the team’s professionalism and desire to lead the industry in technique and safety standards that are second to none. Travel, food (both cooking and eating), and spending time on the water are her favorite pastimes. If she had to choose her favorite tree (an impossible task) one of the leading contenders would be the Dawn Redwood for its nickname as the Eternity tree, its ancient history and the fact that it has one of the coolest Latin names: Metasequoia glyptostrobiodes, say that three times fast!

Scott Fryman


As the company’s mechanic, Scott has a solid 25 years of experience in all things technical. After spending those years running his own shop, Scott turned over a new leaf in his career and joined the Treeworks, Inc. team. Since then he has enjoyed and grown from the variety of work the job provides, as well as the experience of collaborating with a team whose versatile skills mean that roles area always changing. When not with his machines, Scott can be found on the golf range, fishing on the lake, or blazing trails in the winter with his snowmobile. If he could be any type of tree, Scott would prefer red maple, because of their vibrant colors, especially in the fall.

Shiloh Carozza

Marketing Manager

As a senior at Hillsdale College, Shiloh joined the Treeworks, Inc. team in the summer of 2018 to create and launch the company’s marketing program. She is thrilled to be a part of the team and to work with all the dedicated, genuine, hilarious people on staff. Her favorite part of her job, without question, has been interacting with and observing the crew members in their natural habitat.  Growing up in West Michigan, Shiloh has developed a strong affection for the community and the great Michigan outdoors. In her spare time she can be found running, frequenting the beach, and playing the banjo on her porch. If Shiloh were to be a tree, she could see herself as a lilac tree because they smell nice and while they are not very tall, they will take up as much space as you let them.


Working with Dad, 1988

Zach, Jason, and Luke, 2004

The tradition continues, 2018






Trained and inspired by their father Ranier Porter, the Porter brothers have worked for two decades to promote growth and service in arboriculture to the next generation and beyond.